13 to 18 year olds are encouraged to umpire 2 games in the season.  This is seen as a contribution to the club and as such there is no payment.  If you wish to umpire in the 2017 season, please answer ‘yes’ to the umpiring question on the registration form.


As of the 2016 season, after two years of experienced umpiring at Cronulla Sharks Netball Club these umpires will not be required to do the ‘2 free games’ for the club and will be paid for all games.

Payments 2017

Payment for games is $15.00 or more if you have higher qualifications.  Payments for Days 1-7 will be paid on Day 8, and payments for Days 8-14 will be paid on Day 14.

New Umpires

Those new to umpiring will be expected to attend an umpires theory and practical course. The “Official Rules of Netball” and “Exam Guide” booklets can be borrowed from the club, or can be purchased for $5 each. The theory exam can be accessed on the Netball Australia website and click on the link “Online Umpire Exam Centre”.  The online exam provides instant results and a printable certificate. The practical exam will be on the 10 year old grading day, which is in March 2016.

All new umpires will umpire at Bellingara only, as requested by the SSNA.

All new umpires will be mentored for at least three games by senior umpires who have their National Badges. New umpires will only umpire by themselves when the mentor believes they are confident enough to umpire on their own.

Junior Umpires

As in previous years, senior umpires will continue to help foster the development of the younger umpires by mentoring umpires at Bellingara and helping junior umpires obtain their National Badges.

Senior Umpires

As a club we currently have 11 National Badges, who also assist in umpiring SSNA games and volunteer at State Age and State Champs.

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